Nicolas Noël, Banker


Das ist die Referenz von Nicolas Noel.Dear Both

I have enjoyed a lot the week end spent in Hamburg with you and the seminar participants. Thanks a lot for the passion and convincing way how you deliver this workshop. For me it is a real motivation buster to get my finance under control and become ‘financially’ independent allowing me to have a better and more purposeful life (But the way I can not complain; I am very happy and thanks-full for my current life). I have already implemented the ‘Töpfe model’ not only for me but also for my kids (the sooner they start the better it is !!!). Nevertheless I am sure that my Töpfe will need some refinements over time (‘Übung macht den Meister’) (by the way this weekly webinar was perfectly timed).In addition the whole family have much more cash in our wallets. Lets see… I was so convinced of the seminar that I have sent your link to your website to some friends and colleagues.. so maybe and I hope for you (and for them) you will have much more ‘Swiss’ guys in HH. I wish you also the best for your future and would like again to thank you for helping others hoping we ll keep in touch.

Kind regards, Nicolas Noël (48), Zurich

Banker 🙂

Me and my son (one of your future workshop participants ;))

Das ist die Referenz von Nicole Wendland.